Let’s break the generation cure of ‘silence’

Most women I know are scared or feel very reserved/completely unable to speak to their own Mother about their pelvic experiences.

I could never talk to my Mom about this’, is a very common phrase I hear on my client calls.

It’s astounding actually just how common of a sentiment it is.

I myself felt this way too.

It was like the most terrifying thing in the world to consider talking to my Mom about these things.

It’s sad really, how little we trust the woman who bore us with these very sacred and special parts of our experience of womanhood.

I remember feeling SO EMBARRASSED to tell my Mother I started my period at age 13- it was like the worst thing in the world to tell her I need to go buy pads.

And it wasn’t until my Cervical Healing Journey in my mid-twenties did I start actually asking questions of her regarding her past and her experiences…and whoa… They were very startling and revealing. I felt like I got to know my Mother on a whole new level than ever before.

I often wonder what happened to our Maternal lineages that made these conversations ‘taboo’, ‘improper’, and simply ignored.

I mean, I know why, but really I often wonder when the shift happened in our personal lineages, and how long its been since women felt safe enough to talk to each other in this way in our own families.

What a difference it would make (have made) if we as daughters felt safe to ask questions, hear our Mothers stories of sex/reproduction/gyno experiences and for us to feel welcome to share them in return?

In Cervical Wellness, I call for an end to this- To break the Curse of Silence within our Maternal Lineages.

Somebody has to, and it looks like it’s up to us.

So, start small. Start with easier questions, some offered here.

It might make you feel anxious.

You might feel scared at the thought of these conversations, but trust me when I say they’re healing for ALL parties involved.

Some (safe) questions to bring to your Mother:

What is your birth story from her perspective? What was your birth like for her?

What did she learn about the female body from her Mother? What was her Mother like when it came to these conversations?

What is your Mother’s birth story (your Grandmother’s experience)?

What’s the story of her first bleed?

What was the gyno like when she was younger? (This may truly shock you, like it did me).


In order to break the generational curse of silence regarding our womb/cervix/pelvix experiences, we often must be the first ones to speak and ask questions.

Ask your Mother (if you can).
Ask your Grandmother (if you can).
Ask your Sister(s).
Ask your Aunt(s).

Know their stories. Share yours.

This is how we release the TABOO from society.

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