This offering is a long time in coming!

I’m excited to announce a collaboration with my husband, John, to bring you a very asked about topic:

What does HE think about this whole cervical healing journey thing?

And how do you work in partnership to maintain sexuality, closeness, and trust with your man and you heal your cervix yourself?

Friends, let me tell you, being in a heterosexual partnership while on a cervical healing journey is no easy feat.

​​​​​​​I know first hand the emotional pain and struggle that comes when we as women choose to walk and BE in our pelvis in a new way, and for those of us who find ourselves in partnership when this happens….well, things can get a little shaken up (to say the least).

John was with me when I decided to say YES to healing my cervix myself.

I was three years into my HPV/ Cervical dysplasia diagnosis when we started dating, and then a year into our relationship, I chose to walk down the path to clearing paps on my own. For the next three years John was by my side, witnessed, held me, and experienced EVERYTHING I went through as I reorganized my life to fit the needs of my cervix (and yes, our sexual relating changed a LOT).

In those three years we experienced so much hardship in our relationship that dozens of times over those three years I wasn’t sure we would make it. But John stayed by my side, and I stayed with him, and he was there to celebrate me when I finally received the news that I had healed.

I’ve wanted to bring him to you my dear Cervical Wellness community, to share his voice and experience about what it was like for him, as a man in relationship with a woman who had abnormal pap smears, and to offer guidance and advice for any of YOU who are in relationship (or who desire to be in relationship) with a man and don’t really know how to approach this whole cervical healing journey subject.

He was a guest teacher in the Cervical Wellness Online LIVE and wow, the feedback we received on the power of hearing his side of the story made me realize that YES, its TIME for him to share with all of you!

Join us for a 2.5-3 hour seminar to listen and ask questions all about The Other Side!

When: Saturday Jan 28th from 11am-2pm PST
Where: ZOOM
Cost: $33 USD

More details about what’s included and sign up here.

We hope you join us LIVE (or catch the replay) for this very important conversation for heterosexual couples on the Cervical Healing Journey.

Denell (and John)