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I’ve been creating content for Cervical Wellness since 2017, with hundreds of videos, audios, PDFs, courses, workshops, webinars, workbooks, interviews, and more.

Every single piece of content has been created with the intention of helping you on your cervical healing journey in some way. Nothing has been created ‘just because’. It’s all encoded with the energy of HEALING YOUR CERVIX and CULTIVATING PELVIC WELLBEING.

With the change of social media platforms over the years, and the continued risk of having whole accounts and bodies of work being eliminated at the drop of a hat and at the whim of the algorithm (and community guidelines), I’ve decided to pull most of my content from IGTV, YouTube and other social media locations to create a safe place to host.

These living libraries will continue to be populated with new content as it’s created in real-time.


There are three libraries:

Free Public Library

This library is a loving introduction and welcome to the Cervical Wellness method of deep pelvic embodiment and healing.

This is a free offering, with only your email address and willingness to receive promotional & marketing content from Cervical Wellness required to join.

Private Library

Videos and Audios once found on YouTube, IGTV, Soundcloud and past free webinars shared widely with my community. I’ve removed these content pieces from these public platforms to create this library.

This is a paid offering, but set at a price that makes it accessible and available to all.

Golden Cervix Archive

A collection of the best of the best of Cervical Wellness. Past workshops & courses that are no longer offered anywhere else, exclusive interviews, meditations, trainings, webinars, and content only shared once before.

This is a paid offering and exclusive membership. All future private and paid offerings will also be housed here. Once you’re in, you’re IN, and will have access to most future Cervical Wellness Online content.

Free Public Library

What can be found in this library:

This library houses entry-level content about the cervix, lifestyle medicine, making a change in your life and how to connect with the cervix. It’s also home to research papers written by Denell which give a broader understanding of the basis of her approach to cervical & pelvic well-being, as well as academic research papers that can only be found in high-level academic institutions.

We added these academic papers for the women who are interested in science and want a better understanding of the reality of what they’re working with in the body from a science-level.

(Note: There’s more to this library than the images below show)

Private Library

The private content library is a database of all past free content shared under the Cervical Wellness brand umbrella. Past IG Lives, YouTube videos, Our Web of Healing Interview series with other women’s wellness practitioners, public meditations and more are found here (this content has been removed from these public and social media platforms).

What the library looks like, and what to expect:

Each button will take you to a video or audio, depending on the type of content.

There are two video series also found within this library that I’m so excited for you to watch:

InterConnection Series on the vagus nerve and the interconnect of the throat, heart & cervix

Speaking the Hard Stuff on conversations around HPV with your current/future sexual parters, your doctors and yourself.

Some of the webinars found in the library:

There are many more different videos and audios found within this library.

Total Cost to Join the Private Content Library:

$50 USD

Golden Cervix Archive

A Private Collection of the Best of the Best of
Cervical Wellness

This content library is the stronghold of Cervical Wellness wisdom and practices.

What the library looks like, and what to expect:

This content library is set up in a similar way as the other two, the difference being is the caliber of the content, the length of the workshops/videos, and the extensive library of meditations (not even half are shown in the image below). This content library is for the woman who’s devoted to deepening her cervical healing journey as a solid path in her life. She’s ready to reclaim the Queendom of her deep pelvis, and wants the knowhow, resources, and practices to up-level her cervix experience. 

What’s included right now (with more to always come):

  1. Six full-length workshop and trainings including:
    1. Open the Portal: Cervical Dearmoring Workshop
    2. Healthy Cervix Workshop
    3. Cervix Healing 101 Workshop
    4. Energetics of Unwellness & Disease Training
    5. Wheel of Life: Self-Assessment Training
    6. Healing HPV While in Partnership: What You Need to Know Training
    7. What it Takes to Heal Abnormal Paps Training
  2. Four exclusive expert-interviews on the topics of :
    1. Jade Egg healing for HPV and Cervical Dysplasia
    2. Interview with a Naturopathic Doctor on how she approaches cervical unwellness and what she recommends to her patients
    3. Partnership While on the Cervical Healing Journey with John Randall, Denell’s husband
    4. Healing Power of Coffee Enemas
    5. THREE Upcoming Interviews with the next round of Cervical Wellness Online on the topics of 
      1. Nutrition, Nourishment, and Minerals for Pelvic Wellbeing
      2. Exercise & Movement to Align With Your Cycle
      3. Feminine Embodiment & Feminine-Core Remembrance
  3. Twenty unique cervix-centered guided meditations that are found no where else
  4. Instagram LIVE trainings and video content on Cervix Mysteries, Cervical Embodiment and more
  5. Three entire courses, now retired and exclusive to the Golden Cervix Archive
There are three entire courses found within this content library, each with it’s own page, resources, videos, and top-level teachings. 

To join this Archive is to join the legacy of Cervical Wellness. To fully claim your deep pelvis as a place of integrity and personal power. 

The payment for this evolving and ever-growing archive gives you access for 12-months, afterwards a small monthly membership sum is required if you desire continued membership (you can opt out of continuing after the 12 months).

The reasoning behind this pricing structure is two-fold: 1) To cover the administration costs of hosting this content, and for all future content that will be included in this archive. 2) To incentivize actual engagement with the material rather than it being something purchased and forgotten about. If you don’t want to fully receive the material and teachings, then I don’t want your money. 

Cervix is about embodied integrity, and these teachings require us to be grounded in our decisions.

Total cost for the first 12 months:


or 3 x $3376 x $170

After the 12 months, membership is $20/mo.

Also interested in Cervical Wellness Online, my signature course to guide you to heal abnormal paps? If you sign up for CWO & Golden Cervix Archive at the same time, you save $200 on your purchase.