I’ve come to determine there are two pathways available when you reach the cross-roads of receiving a HPV/ cervical dysplasia diagnosis:

Path #1: Fall into fear, numb-out, collapse, hand over the reigns of control to your doctor, do nothing but take a supplement or two, tell no one and keep it to yourself, hope for the best.

Path #1 isn’t bad or wrong. For some, it could actually work! But that’s not what I’ve seen. What I’ve seen in this pathway leads to being funneled into treatments that you don’t really understand, feel clear about or maybe don’t even want. I’ve received hundreds of DMs from women who found themselves on this path, who then wish they knew there was ANOTHER path to choose.

Path #1 and the treatments offered may work for you. I’ve heard of it happening. And for those who have had success in this pathway, I’m so glad.

But in my honest opinion, I see this is a missed opportunity to deeply listen to the body, to become reaquainted with our deep pelvis, and to reclaim our gynecological health for ourselves.

Path #2 (The path that most medical providers will not tell you about):

Choose to see this diagnosis as a warning signal from your body, discover courage within to face it, educate yourself as much as you can about what is happening in your body and why, become exquisitely aware of how your everyday lifestyle choices are affecting your cervix, take daily action to support your body/mind/soul, tell close friends what you’re going through, keep going, never give up

Path #2 isn’t an easy choice. It goes against everything we’ve been told is possible for us as women by the medical establishment. It’s confronting. It forces us to get clear about where in our lives we haven’t been taking full responsibility, and asks us to make changes that can be difficult to make. While this path isn’t easy, its a way through to clear paps without surgical intervention.

Path #2 is a choice that only YOU can make. Your medical providers, your family, and heck, even your own partner or spouse may not support you in this choice, and that’s something you need to assess.

I do want to name that there can be a middle ground of self-education, action, and awareness, while still going through the medical treatments- I won’t deny or ignore this. For those in this middle-road, I truly hope the treatments offer you the support you need.

The Cervical Healing Journey (Path #2) is about self-autonomy. To choose courage over fear. To rise up instead of collapse. To take action and make changes instead of being passive or pretending its not there. To bring your heart and mind into your cervix to listen, instead of ‘listening to authorities’.

The Cervical Healing Journey is choosing to remember the intelligence of your body and the coherence of your Soul. It’s an opportunity to reorient your current life to fit the needs of your deep pelvis, and to bring you into deeper connection with your Whole Self.

I’ve been down both paths…

I walked Path #1 for 4 years. In those four years I refused the LEEP (because I was too afraid and didn’t trust it) but was still experiencing worsening cervical dysplasia and continued HPV infection.

Then I found myself back at the crossroads- after seeing a big-wig OB/Gyn who basically told me the next time she was going to see me was when I had cancer.

I was at the crossroads crying on my shower floor, knowing that was it for me- I was going to develop cancer.

In that moment, Path #2 illuminated for me.

My body literally spoke to me (no, I wasn’t high).

My body told me that we could do this- heal ourselves.

I stepped out of the shower and I looked myself in the mirror, but I wasn’t seeing my reflection before me…I was seeing this new path forward.

“We’ve got this” I said to myself in the mirror.

And it was in that moment I stepped onto my Cervical Healing Journey.

For three years you could say I ‘battled demons and slayed dragons’ on the journey- but they weren’t found outside in the world, but rather in my INNER-WORLD.

I changed everything in my life. EVERYTHING.

I even went back to grad school to learn all I could about the science behind healing, health, behavior change and more.

I was determined.

And three years after that moment in the shower, I arrived at my destination: CLEAR PAPS (after 7 years of HPV and Cin2/3).

I did it! I had no proof I could do it, but it happened!

And I learned SO much along the way…

So, I coalesced all the information, the tools, the resources and more into one place to share it with others, because there seemed to be no other place that did this (how could this be?!).

And thus, Cervical Wellness was born.

In Cervical Wellness Online LIVE, join me for a 9 week intensive into everything I know and learned, and step onto Path #2 with me.

All the details here.