If there’s one thing I’ve discovered in my journey in returning to the hearth, is that loving the mundane is the deepest practice of devotional cooking.

It’s not fancy.

It’s not orgasmic.

It’s not frills and fur and sparkles.

Devotional cooking is most of all, simple.



Sure we can bring in the fun with new recipes or a new kitchen gadget, but most of all, its pretty ordinary.

In a world where novelty is sought after moment by moment, devotion to the kitchen is seen as ‘boring’ for many, an annoying chore that must get done.

But what about the magic that can be found in the mundane, in the boring?

What if doing the dishes or cleaning up after cooking is the deepest form of meditation?

Even more edge-pushing than sitting on the cushion, or going to a deep yoga class?

What if the kitchen is where you PRACTICE?

Centering into the energy of:


Practicing CHOP WOOD, CARRY WATER, day in and day out…allowing the mind to quiet and releasing the thoughts of ‘nuisance’, ‘annoyance’, ‘bother’, etc.

Again and again we do the same tasks,

Again and again we step to the hearth, to the fire, to the waters.

To create nourishment for the blood and bones of our bodies and family and loved ones.

Some may call it a chore.

Some may think of it as a torturous form of oppression.

But what if it’s magic in motion, every day of our lives?

In my upcoming Kitchen Hearth Heart Heal, we’ll be diving into the magic and medicine of the ordinary mundanity of devotional cooking, and yes, even diving into LOVING those dishes (this was the deepest learning curve for me on this journey!).

We begin in one week, on Sat July 9th: bonus videos already available in the course portal.

All the details and payment plans can be found here: