This episode is a little spicy and is me on a soapbox about the importance of cooking foods at home. I share about an experience I had cooking some meals for a friend who is a brand new Mother, and learning that I was the ONLY person out of the entire meal-train to bring her […]
This episode is a clip from a class I taught in Cervical Wellness Online LIVE Fall 2022. In this episode I explore: -What is devotional cooking and what it’s importance is -How our relationship to the kitchen and the hearth have everything to do with our relationship to our Mother -How cooking, the kitchen, and […]
Join me for an amazing conversation all about fertility awareness and the cervix (different than what I normally share!) with Chloe Skerlak. Chloe Skerlak is a Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and Certified Full Spectrum Fertility Awareness Educator aka she’s willdy passionate about the menstrual cycle! She’s charted her own cycle for 12 years and […]
“Denell, do I need to have a colposcopy done?” This is the most common question I receive through my platform, and it’s time to put into the record my response for everyone to hear! In this episode I go into: -What is a colposcopy and what does it tell you? -Do you need to have […]
This is a personal episode where I share some of my deep thoughts after finding out that a friend of mine took their own life a week and a half ago. CONTENT WARNING: I do discuss suicide in this episode. Please do not listen if you’re sensitive to this subject matter. — Find the book […]
Join me for a solo episode as I riff on something I feel quite passionately about….including MEN in all of our conversations about female reproductive health and experiencing. The good men in our lives want to know and be there for us as we heal our cervix (or pelvis in general). What we go through […]
Join us for an incredible conversation on all things dental health, pelvic healing and sexual wellbeing. Rupam comes from an ancient lineage of medicine makers, alchemists and herbalists reaching back 13 generations in Germany. She combines her expertise as an herbalist and holistic health educator with her professional experience of over 20 years as an […]
Did you know that when we make a change in your life, we cycle through a series of stages that are predictable, sequential, and cyclical? When you go to make a change in your habits or behavior, do you ever find yourself feeling like you ‘end back up right where you started’? Do you ever […]
Join me and my husband, John Randall, for our conversation about making lifestyle and behavior change, overcoming inertia and fear when it comes to making changes in our lives, and our thoughts about self-improvement while being in partnership/marriage. This is a candid conversation and we on these subjects which are instrumental to our relationship dynamic. […]
One of the most common questions I receive from clients is, “What supplements should I be taking to help clear HPV and cervical dysplasia?”The truth is, there are MANY supplements you can be taking to counteract the lack of vital nutrients in most contemporary diets, but to purchase all of those supplements would cost an […]