In this episode I interview Adelaide Meadow to discuss how the biomechanics of our body can inform our labor experience, birth outcome, and overall experience in our female body. This interview is a perfect segue following the sharing of my birth story in the last episode, as if offer insight and potential ‘answers’ as to […]
Welcome to the first episode of Season 2 of the Cervical Wellness Podcast! This podcast is a place for me to share and be candidly honest about what I’ve learned on the cervical healing journey, and my birth story is the next milestone that brought many surprises and lessons that are relevant to how I […]
In this episode I dive into my 3.5 year preconception -> conception -> pregnancy -> post-partum prep journey, and how the concept of FORETHOUGHT was the under-current through all the phases. In an age of instant gratification and diminished ability to focus, our innate cognitive ability of forethought is like a superpower. Forethought is what […]
Friends, this episode is like a balm for all those who carry a womb and who come from a womb. I’m excited to introduce you to Jasmine Rose, a self-described Womb-Guardian who’s work with women centers on walking them back home to their womb, their bloods, and the entire womb-continuum mystery of womanhood. In this […]
With every journey there’s a predictable arc of experience that goes along with it. After 7 years of doing this work, I can tell you, without a doubt, what phases you’ll experience as you deepen your relationship with your deep pelvis and begin listening to the voice of your cervix. In this episode I go […]
In this episode, I offer you my interview with Tamera VanderLugt, Fitness Coach and Functional Nutritionist. Tamera runs a one on one coaching business that specializes in helping women balance their hormones, heal their gut, and make strides towards their health & fitness goals. We explore into the world of exercise & nutrition for our […]
I’m excited to share with you my conversation with Sena Maria, re-mineralizer, wellness explorer, and Root Cause Protocol practitioner and guide. In this episode we dive into the world of becoming a deeply nourished woman through whole animal-based foods. We dive into: Metabolism, pro-metabolic living, and why it’s imperative for women to know this What […]
In this episode, I muse on all of the thoughts and feelings I had in receiving news that I’ve had 8 years of consecutive normal pap smears after having abnormal pap smears for 7 years. I share my thoughts on what has helped me maintain clear paps, and I speak about continuing on with the […]
All of that which we know was taught to us by someone, and in some circumstances, a single teacher changes the course of our life, forever. This episode recounts the story of my greatest teacher: Phyllis Bala, Doctor of Indigenous Medicine. I found out about 1 month ago that Phyllis died, and this episode is […]
I VERY often get asked the question, “Denell, where do I begin to heal my cervix?”, and in this episode, I’m going to tell you! These are the first 5 steps I recommend to everyone who reaches out to me, and they will move the needle forward on your cervical healing journey. *This is audio […]