Friends, this episode is like a balm for all those who carry a womb and who come from a womb. I’m excited to introduce you to Jasmine Rose, a self-described Womb-Guardian who’s work with women centers on walking them back home to their womb, their bloods, and the entire womb-continuum mystery of womanhood. In this […]
With every journey there’s a predictable arc of experience that goes along with it. After 7 years of doing this work, I can tell you, without a doubt, what phases you’ll experience as you deepen your relationship with your deep pelvis and begin listening to the voice of your cervix. In this episode I go […]
In this episode, I offer you my interview with Tamera VanderLugt, Fitness Coach and Functional Nutritionist. Tamera runs a one on one coaching business that specializes in helping women balance their hormones, heal their gut, and make strides towards their health & fitness goals. We explore into the world of exercise & nutrition for our […]
I’m excited to share with you my conversation with Sena Maria, re-mineralizer, wellness explorer, and Root Cause Protocol practitioner and guide. In this episode we dive into the world of becoming a deeply nourished woman through whole animal-based foods. We dive into: Metabolism, pro-metabolic living, and why it’s imperative for women to know this What […]
In this episode, I muse on all of the thoughts and feelings I had in receiving news that I’ve had 8 years of consecutive normal pap smears after having abnormal pap smears for 7 years. I share my thoughts on what has helped me maintain clear paps, and I speak about continuing on with the […]
All of that which we know was taught to us by someone, and in some circumstances, a single teacher changes the course of our life, forever. This episode recounts the story of my greatest teacher: Phyllis Bala, Doctor of Indigenous Medicine. I found out about 1 month ago that Phyllis died, and this episode is […]
I VERY often get asked the question, “Denell, where do I begin to heal my cervix?”, and in this episode, I’m going to tell you! These are the first 5 steps I recommend to everyone who reaches out to me, and they will move the needle forward on your cervical healing journey. *This is audio […]
In this episode I celebrate 1 year of cannabis sobriety with the telling of the story of how my the path to sobriety finally took root after years and years of trying. I share what was going on with my health that led up to the final decision to become sober, and how the kitchen […]
Any search for the hashtag #jadeegg on social media will reveal thousands of posts, videos, and female embodiment teachers sharing the life-changing impact a jade egg practice can have on a woman’s libido, orgasm, and pelvic wellbeing. After years of social media hype and a rapid spread through the holistic health and sexual embodiment scenes, […]
This episode is a little spicy and is me on a soapbox about the importance of cooking foods at home. I share about an experience I had cooking some meals for a friend who is a brand new Mother, and learning that I was the ONLY person out of the entire meal-train to bring her […]