Cervical Wellness


for the women who are ready to heal their cervix & relationship with their body on all levels

You’re here because you know there’s another way.

You feel deep down that there’s more to your cervix and healing path.

You’ve gotten quiet and felt into the depths of your pelvic bowl. You’ve asked your body, “Are you ready to do this work with me?”

You’ve asked your cervix, “Are you calling out to me for love and attention? Do you have things to share with me? Are there changes I need to make?”

I’m here to help you tend to the flame of transformation initiated by your YES.

As I wrote on the ‘About Cervical Wellness’ page of this website:

When a woman says YES (a full-body YES, not just a mental “I think so and maybe I should, yes) to healing her cervix, a little flame is ignited in her body. This little flame must be tended to and fed. The actions we take and changes we make along the way are fuel to our fire. Too much fuel and the flame is likely to burn too hot, too quickly and burn out (too much too fast). Too little fuel by giving up or not dedicating enough time and energy to the journey, and the flame will go out.

The tending to our YES flame in a sustainable and integrative way is the process of a cervical healing journey.

Healing your body (especially cervix) takes time and dedication.

It will not happen over night. It may not even happen in a few months.

It’s a marathon of the purest senses.

Perseverance is key.

This is where the devotion comes in.

What’s you’re north-star?
What’s your why?

The answers to these questions will help you maintain on the path.

It does get crunchy sometimes.
You may want to give up sometimes.

But keep coming back to your WHY- the light of your torch through the darkness of the unknown.

Deciding to work with Denell one on one, hands down, has been the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. The work we did together was truly life changing. Every time I got off the phone with her, I felt so energized with the belief that: I’ve got this. 

Having somebody who’s been on the Cervical Healing journey and knows it’s every twist and turn was a complete God send. The level of trust I felt with this woman was everything when it came to embarking on such a deep and intimate journey. I felt so guided, held, seen, and understood in all my pelvic complexity. 

Before working with Denell I felt completely overwhelmed, lost, and confused. I didn’t know where to start, or how to approach my cervical healing journey. Not only was I guided and supported with expertise, knowledge, and experience – I was given practical tools and information to help strengthen my ability to take care of myself. At the end of our time together, though I was sad for it to end, I felt empowered, confident, and fully capable of being able to continue my healing journey on my own. I am a changed woman, for the better. 

I will forever be grateful to Denell for our transformational time together, and forever grateful to myself for taking the leap and saying yes to my Cervix. I know you will too.

-Carissa McElravy

I’m here to tend to your flame and guide you through

what’s held within you cervix and deep pelvis.

I’ve found a way through.

I know the path well.

I’ve walked it myself.

I’ve walked it with many women.

Envision me side by side with you, holding the torch of my knowing,

illuminating the path before us as we explore the messages and needs of your cervix, together. 

Are you feeling the call to go on this journey with me?

Denell supported me in so many ways – she is non judgmental to the bone, and would really put a strengths-based spin on everything I shared. Even in areas I was struggling with or with things I looked back on with regret, she would masterfully find the kernel of sovereignty and uplift it for me. More logistically speaking she supported me with lifestyle medicine, how to prep for an empowered pap/ob gyn visit, and her vast and deep knowledge of the cervix. It was truly a delight to travel together from the science/academia side of the things all the way deep down to the soul and heart of this work.

I gained so much more connection to my own inner knowing and for the first time in my life: a clear path forward. I’m a psychologist and I’ve been to various therapists and experienced many different healing modalities over the years. It wasn’t until I started working with Denell (in conjunction with my spiritual healer – have to shout her out too!) that insights started dropping like rocks from the sky: heavy, clear, and impactful. 

My top takeaway has been embracing, in a really embodied less intellectual way, the dynamic nature of healing, and more importantly finding pleasure in that process, rather than seeing it as a chore or something I have to do but don’t want to. Now, I truly desire loving and caring for my body in a way I could never access before. Thank you Denell from the bottom of my heart!

-Leighna Harrison

(Video shared with permission)

Examples of what I work with clients on in this mentorship:

  • Lifestyle and habit transformation to fit the physical, emotional and mental needs of your body to heal cervix naturally (devotion and discipline on a daily, weekly, monthly basis)
  • Coaching and support through doctor appointments, procedures, and the recovery process in a holistic and integrative way
  • Accountability to make the changes you know you need to make- I provide resources and tools to make the change more easeful
  • All things cervix, womb, pelvis related- Stories, fears, experiences
  • Navigating partnerships while on the cervical healing journey
  • So much more…

Each woman is unique in her process of healing her cervix herself. 

While we each may have the same or similar diagnosis, the path we took to get there and the path we need to follow to unwind what’s been wound is different. 

Similar, but different.

After six years of working with women in a 1:1 capacity to heal their cervix themselves, I’ve discovered several key reasons why HPV, cervical dysplasia, and other cervical abnormalities develop in our bodies, and I know the path through to the other side of them. 

With almost 20 years of facilitation experience and six years of coaching experience, I can confidently guide you on the path of cervical healing.  I know the pit falls, I know what to look out for and what to expect. I have the tools, the knowledge, the resources, and the know-how. 

I’m the person walking alongside you on the path that seems so dark and scary, holding the torch to bring light to the situation. 

What to expect in a Cervical Wellness mentorship:

Bi-monthly 75-90 min calls, either on the phone or zoom-audio. One call every other week on the day and time of your choosing within my schedule availability. I do audio-only to keep myself focused on what you’re saying and the energy I’m feeling in my body in relation to what you’re saying. Video often distorts my pure receptivity, and I find it’s best to do audio-only for the best ‘hot knife cutting through butter’ effect. I’m here to catalyze you on the journey, and not wallow in the fear/doubt/heaviness. I see you in the highest capable light and possibility. Video oftentimes drags down the energy.

Access to me M-Th, 10am-6pm PST on Telegram for voice-notes, texts, and shares. This is the place where we’ll stay connected in between our calls. It’s where you can ask me questions. It’s where you can voice your fears or vent about the journey. Deep work happens in these forums. It’s the reminder to you that I’m here, with you, always, holding the torch as you traverse the darkness. You’re not alone. 

1 gift box toolkit sent within the first month of our container. This gift box includes books, herbs, tools and other resources that you can use on behalf of your cervical healing. I often send other gifts throughout our time together as I see fit or if something arises.

All access to Cervical Wellness Online, all my online resources, and access to any offerings shared during our time together. This does not include Cervical Wellness Teacher/Facilitator Training programs.

Before the first call:

Once you’re a YES, I’ll send you a contract agreement for both of us to sign.

This makes our arrangement clear and set’s forth the container.

After the contract and first payment is in, you’ll then send me a voice-note sharing with me more of your story, what you’re working with currently, and anything else you feel is relevant.

This is so we don’t spend our precious 1:1 call time going over preliminary details.

It’s important to me that we hit the ground in motion, and that flow is initiated within our alliance.

we get to write a new story

 with our cervix

I take being a coach very seriously. I am trained in Integrative Health Coaching at an academic-graduate level and do not take you saying YES to working with me lightly.

This is a commitment and devotion on both ends.

I put my all into my clients. I offer them space in my heart and mind, and show up for them in a way that’s unmatched in any of my other offerings.

Denell is not taking on any new clients at this time.

Please check back for future openings.