I wanted to share with you something that feels very near and dear to my heart, which is the spread of Cervical Wellness to the women who really need it, and in a way that is sustainable and long-lasting.

So if you didn’t already know, I’ve partnered with an NGO in Ghana called Proffer Aid International, which focuses on bringing health care to the women and children in the rural countryside (specifically women’s health support). Cervical cancer is one of the top causes of death for the women of Ghana, and I’ve made it a mission of Cervical Wellness to support their cause (and causes like theirs), and to utilize my reach and resources to help them in the ways that I can.

So far I’ve helped them with education via IG Lives for their community, donated books to their library in Accra (their capital city), and have donated money to the construction of a state of the art Women & Children’s Health Center, which will be able to serve the communities that are not able to reach the capital city for health support. 

Proffer Aid sent me images of their future health-care center, and I hope one day in the next couple of years to travel out to Ghana to meet the leaders of the organization, and teach them the ways of Cervical Wellness to then teach the women of the region. 

Here’s the beautiful center they’re building:

I wanted to reach and and just share about them and this health center just in case you, my amazing Cervical Wellness community, feel inclined to offer a donation to help them build it!

Literally anything helps  (especially those of us living in Western countries, whoseww currency is much stronger than theirs and will go a long way). 

Here is their GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/proffer-aid-centre-for-women-and-children-project

Thank you for taking the time to consider giving this incredible organization even $5 to help them provide life-saving medical access to the women and children of their country. They are truly doing amazing work.

Xox Denell

PS: Check out some of these beautiful photos they sent me of the women with my book. I literally cried when I received them!