If you’re healing your cervix right now, and you’re in a partnership/ marriage or are dating, these are the things you need to make sure your significant other is aware of:

If you have HPV, it’s VERY likely they do as well. Which means, THEY need to support their immune system and focus on their health. You cannot necessarily be reinfected by the same strain, however, its just best practice that if you’re working on your immune health, they also need to as well, so as to help YOU heal (also to prevent you from being infected by a new strain they may be carrying unbeknownst to them).

If they penetrate you during sex, they need to know about the cervix and how too hard/fast/forceful the penetration can be harming the face of the cervix. Also, that penetrating before arousal can damage the cells on the face of the cervix, leading to increase prevalence of dysplasia. Arousal isn’t just for lubrication, but also for the body to reposition cervix in the vaginal canal (creating more space) so cervix doesn’t get ‘hit’ and damaged.

They need to be on board with your lifestyle changes, and to not judge/question/or try to change your trajectory for their sake. They must support you in the process as you make the changes cervix is calling you to make, even if that means it changes their life. In fact, the best way is for them to also be making the changes alongside you too, to help you maintain and have the support in home/relationship for you to lean on.

They must be willing to hold space for you as you unpack what’s held within your cervix energetically. It’s not going to be pretty or sexy, and they must know this. Sex may become triggering for some time. Remind them it’s not personal to THEM, but that you’re moving through the density that’s been repressed in cervix. Support on the emotional side is just as important as the physical.

If they learn about the anatomy and physiology of cervix with you, and are willing to also deeply understand the journey as you learn and explore yourself, your cervical healing journey will go more smoothly. To have our partner or spouse on our side and equally as educated as we are on what’s happening makes all the different in the world.

Remember, healing the cervix while in partnership or marriage takes two to tango. It’s better to get them on board with your journey now, so as to not have to struggle against your relationship while also trying to heal.

If you’re looking for some resources to share with your partner, check out our Private Content Library. In it you’ll find fantastic introductory webinars, including:

-‘Cervix & Relationship’ which is all about the Cervical Healing Journey and how relationships may shift.

-‘Foreplay Demystified’ thats designed specifically for men who don’t know much about female anatomy

As well as many other introductory videos that you can watch together. For a one-time payment of $50, you’ll have lifetime access to the wealth of information and resources for the two of you.

Your partner/spouse can be such an ally for you, if they know what’s happening too. Invite them along and go on the cervical healing journey, together.

You’ve got this.