Cervical Wellness

Golden Cervix Archive

A Private Collection of the Best of the Best of

Cervical Wellness

This content library is the stronghold of Cervical Wellness wisdom and practices.

What the library looks like, and what to expect:

This content library is set up in a similar way as the other two, the difference being is the caliber of the content, the length of the workshops/videos, and the extensive library of meditations (not even half are shown in the image below). This content library is for the woman who’s devoted to deepening her cervical healing journey as a solid path in her life. She’s ready to reclaim the Queendom of her deep pelvis, and wants the knowhow, resources, and practices to up-level her cervix experience. 

What’s included right now (with more to always come):

  1. Six full-length workshop and trainings including:
    1. Open the Portal: Cervical Dearmoring Workshop
    2. Healthy Cervix Workshop
    3. Cervix Healing 101 Workshop
    4. Energetics of Unwellness & Disease Training
    5. Wheel of Life: Self-Assessment Training
    6. Healing HPV While in Partnership: What You Need to Know Training
    7. What it Takes to Heal Abnormal Paps Training
  2. Four exclusive expert-interviews on the topics of :
    1. Jade Egg healing for HPV and Cervical Dysplasia
    2. Interview with a Naturopathic Doctor on how she approaches cervical unwellness and what she recommends to her patients
    3. Partnership While on the Cervical Healing Journey with John Randall, Denell’s husband
    4. Healing Power of Coffee Enemas
    5. THREE Upcoming Interviews with the next round of Cervical Wellness Online on the topics of 
      1. Nutrition, Nourishment, and Minerals for Pelvic Wellbeing
      2. Exercise & Movement to Align With Your Cycle
      3. Feminine Embodiment & Feminine-Core Remembrance
  3. Twenty unique cervix-centered guided meditations that are found no where else
  4. Instagram LIVE trainings and video content on Cervix Mysteries, Cervical Embodiment and more
  5. Three entire courses, now retired and exclusive to the Golden Cervix Archive
There are three entire courses found within this content library, each with it’s own page, resources, videos, and top-level teachings. 

To join this Archive is to join the legacy of Cervical Wellness.

To fully claim your deep pelvis as a place of integrity and personal power. 

Total cost :


(Please contact info@cervicalwellness.com if you’re interested in a 3 or 6 month payment plan)
(CA State tax is added for each payment made)