Get ready for the most EMPOWERED pap of your life!

Do you get anxious at the thought of going in for your annual exam?

Do you avoid getting checkups due to your fear or anxiety over someone touching your sacred space?

Do you want to feel more grounded, self aware, and EMPOWERED during your next medical visit?

Do you wish you had real, grounded methods and practices you could utilize before your next female appointment?

If you said YES to any of the above – my friend, I made this offering just for you.

Let me tell you, I feel you- we’ve all been there. We know an annual exam is a healthy and necessary part of life. Scheduling an appointment for our health and wellness is a normal part of having a womb space. But sometimes, the fear sets in. This fear leads to many women not receiving the medical treatment they might need. We all have different reasons for the fear. Trauma, abuse, phobias, neglect, afraid of what the results may be, a bad past experience, – the reasons may be different, but the common thread remains – there’s a real sense of distress that exists for many, many women out there.

It is my intention that the information in Empowered Pap helps embolden you in becoming an active, aware, and EMPOWERED participant in your female wellness journey.

This mini-bundle is for the Woman who’s ready to take hear health, wellness, and comfortability with herself and her next gynecological appointment to the next level.

I believe that every woman deserves to feel aware, knowledgable, and EMPOWERED at all times, and especially during their female exams.

Love – I hear you. The fear around a gynecology appointment is present for so many of us.

I went three years between my last female appointment with my GP.

Truthfully, I did feel the twinge of fear and anxiety begin to set in as the days approached my appointment

“What if it’s come back? What if I need to tell my community I’m a fraud?”, I thought to myself.

I allowed myself about 5 minutes of entertaining these thoughts, and then I decided No. I wasn’t going to be afraid.

I came back to the Knowing of the intelligence of my Body, and that if I had an abnormal pap again, I knew how to help myself. I’ve done it once and I could do it again.

I leaned into the trust I’ve built with myself over the last 6 years and reminded myself that I loved myself; that I was ‘here’ for myself, no matter what would happen.

I decided that I was going to made this Pap experience, the first one in over 3 years, the best possible experience I could make it. I took the reign of the entire day/ lead-up to the appointment, and the appointment itself. I set my standards and allowed my courageous devotion to my body lead. I left the appointment feeling so sure of myself and my ability to face whatever the results would be. Me and my Body were a TEAM that day.

I’m so glad that I went – It ended up being the BEST PAP of my life!!

The pathways I share in Empowered Pap is made to help YOU
experience the best pap of YOUR life!

(Also, Pap came back clear! Woot woot! 8 years HPV/Cervical Dysplasia free!)

What’s Inside:

✓ 1 – 10 minute Pre-recorded Video with a behind the scenes documentation of how Denell prepared for the best pap of her life. Inside you will find tips on how YOU can rock your next pap with clarity, knowledge, and Empowerment!
✓ 1 – PDF workbook that will help you navigate the steps to get ready for your next EMPOWERED pap.

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Q: How do I know if EMPOWERED PAP is for me?

A: EMPOWERED PAP is for you if you’re a woman who desires knowledge and empowerment around your body and papsmears.

Q: Who is EMPOWERED PAP not for?

A: Every woman who’s not ready for or willing to get over their fears. If you’re not at a place in your life where you can hold space for yourself to unearth parts of yourself that you haven’t looked at yet, then this is not for you.

Q: Are there payment plans available?

A: No, there are no payment plans available.

Q: What if I’m scared and I don’t KNOW know….but I’m kinda feeling it, kind of not. Is this for me?

A: If there’s a ‘leaning in’ experience in your body, a curiosity, a wondering…then hell yes this is for you. Our Body always knows what’s right for us.


How it Works:

1. You sign up

2. You get an email with the PDF which has the Vimeo link to the video within it. The PDF also contains journal prompts, lists, and suggestions for the experience.

3. You watch, learn, and grow from the new education inside of the video.

4. Yay!

Hey love,

I created Empowered Pap because I knew it’s HIGH TIME for more women to be empowered around their own health & annual female visits.

I’ve received thousands of emails and DM’s asking me for advice on this topic, and how I personally prepare for these appointments.

I made this for all women, to help guide them on their paths, to provide support and tips to assist them with their fears and hesitations around exams.

We are courageous femme warriors and we’re ready to step into full EMPOWERMENT!

And I know Empowered Pap will help ground and shift your comfortability around checkups, and ways in which you relate with your body.

Get ready…

xox Denell