Maybe you do know, maybe you don’t know, or maybe you just need a reminder as to what we’re working with when we step foot into the gyno’s office.

*Preemptive Trigger warning for this free webinar as the history is well…
distasteful to say the least*

It was learning this history combined with my own personal experiences in gyno’s offices and healing my cervix myself that led to the development, creation, and passionate purpose-based service that is Cervical Wellness.

This history became the smoldering coals of the fire of my service- to rewrite what’s been written and call about change to what’s been done to the bodies of women in the name of ‘medical science’.

I want you to know this so YOU KNOW.

So you can integrate the WHY behind all your negative experiences.

So you can move forward with the understanding that it’s not YOU and it’s not even your Doctor’s – it’s the allopathic medical approach to women’s health as a system.

It’s my hope that through learning this history you’ll:

+ Have a clearer understanding as to why things are the way they are

+ Feel more integrated in knowing truth of what’s happened and how it’s impacted your experience

+ Feel more emboldened to take back control of your gynecological experiences in some way

+ Have compassion for the medical providers, who quite possibly do not know this history, and who are just doing their best in a broken system

+ Recognize the REAL REVOLUTION that’s happening through all the thousands of women’s health educators and practitioners that are teaching and guiding holistic and Integrative ways of approaching our pelvic wellbeing.

All the details and sign up to watch the replay can be found here.

Join me and have the truth of the foundation of the medical practices that have harmed so many of us over the last century revealed.

Then, let the revolution continue to expand

Hope to see you there!