Let’s demystify the Cervical Healing Journey!

Do you have a diagnosis like HPV or cervical dysplasia and wonder what are the best next steps to take to help yourself?

Do you feel clueless as to where to begin to ‘work with your cervix’?

Do you wish you had real, grounded action steps to take regarding your pelvic health?

If you said YES to any of the above, this offering is just for you.


I feel you friend – I’ve been there.

I know what it’s like to receive a pelvic diagnosis with scary and unfamiliar terms.

And then at sometime the doctor throws out the big ‘C’ word (cancer) and then alllll your logical, mental faculties go out the window in an instant.

When we get home we wish we understood what was happening in our bodies a little more, and we wish we had some more time to ask questions of our medical providers (and what questions to even ask!).

Oof it can all be so frustrating and terrifying, that it feels easier just to ignore it and pretend it didn’t happen and doesn’t exist.

“I’ll have time to do feel/think/do something about this later”  we may think to ourselves.

But then days, weeks, months and maybe years go by, and we’re no closer to understanding whats happening in our body and cervix, and no steps have been taken to address the issue.

Here’s the thing: When we don’t have information, we cannot feel empowered with our action steps, and when we don’t feel empowered, we just don’t do anything at all.

Yet cervix is calling out to us, trying to get our attention!

She’s saying “Hey! Hey! Look over here! I have a message for you! Are you going to look at me and say yes to me? Are you going to say YES to your cervical healing journey? The one I’m demanding of you through this diagnosis? Are you ready to work with me here?”

It’s my intention that Cervix Healing 101 provides you the PERFECT primer as you say YES to your cervical healing journey with confidence, courage, and grace

What is a cervical healing journey?:


A cervical healing journey is the inner transformation that naturally occurs when a woman makes the empowered decision to say YES to learning about & integrating Cervical Wellness teachings, practices, and lifestyle changes into her life.

This inner-transformation undoubtedly begins to reflect in her everyday life, and can impact relationships, life-paths, and belief-systems in ways that benefit and support her relationship and experience with her cervix.

There is an experience of ‘unfolding’ that occurs as we choose to actively bring our mind and awareness to a place in our body that we perhaps have never done so before.

It’s like when something has been frozen in ice for years, and as the ice thaws, the true makeup and reality of that which was frozen is revealed.

It’s through this revelation process that the journey ‘unfolds’ in a way that can never be predicted, yet always takes the woman to a place of deeper self-love, self-acceptance, and personal responsibility.

Listen HERE to “Intro to the Cervical Healing Journey”: Ep 1 of the Cervical Wellness Podcast for a more detailed explanation

In Cervix Healing 101, I’m revealing how to get the flow started for you on this journey.

This is your ticket to a lifetime of pelvic self-discovery!

Love, I know how you feel- When I was in the beginning stages of my cervical healing journey, I struggled with finding information and education about cervix that helped me feel empowered in what I was attempting to do, and not terrified that I was just killing myself slowly.

I often wonder to myself even today: Why aren’t there more resources out there about cervical health, and why is it such a struggle to find support on this topic?

I remember yearning to find a place where not only could I be educated about my diagnosis and what it actually meant for my body, but also to be in a community of other women who were on the same journey as me, who had similar questions as I, and who held the same torch of hope that I wouldn’t need to have invasive surgery.

Can’t a girl get some support?

I know you know what I mean.

Eight years later and I now have the honor to do exactly this- hold the space and teach the information that I’d wished for over and over again all those years ago.

Cervix Healing 101 is the perfect primer into the work of Cervical Wellness, and offers all women a chance to begin a new way with being with their cervix.

This introductory workshop sets the stage for whats to come as you get to know your cervix and learn about her powerful ways, get in touch with the depths of your pelvis through awareness and breath, and join the community of thousands of other women around the world who are saying YES to their cervical healing journey.

What We Go Over in the Workshop:

✓ Getting to know cervix through information & education (we always must begin here)
✓ Intro to Cervical Wellness™ method of healing (Cervix Healing 101): What I recommend to ALL my clients as the first steps to take when healing your cervix yourself
✓ Guided experience to connect with cervix, and practice listening to the messages she’s sending
✓ Recorded Q & A and real-time coaching with Denell


What’s Included:

✓ 1 2.5 hour replay recording of the workshop
✓ A copy of the slides to have for your notes
✓ Coupon code of the amount paid to be used for Cervical Wellness Online if you’d like to continue learning and practicing on your Cervical Healing Journey
✓ BONUS: MP3 of a simple cervix grounding meditation that you can use at any time


Total Cost for the Workshop





Q: How do I know if Cervix Healing 101 is for me?

A: Cervix Healing 101 is for you if you’re a woman who desires knowledge and empowerment around cervix and the cervical healing journey.

Q: Who is Cervix Healing 101 not for?

A: Any woman who doesn’t want to learn about their body and how to take care of it. Also, if you get triggered with the words woman/female/she/her in relation to female bodied people, this also isn’t for you.

Q: Are there payment plans available?

A: No, there are no payment plans available.

Q: What if I’m scared and I don’t KNOW know….but I’m kinda feeling it, kind of not. Is this for me?

A: If there’s a ‘leaning in’ experience in your body, a curiosity, a wondering…then hell yes this is for you. Our Body always knows what’s right for us.


How it Works:

 1. You sign up

2. You’ll get a payment confirmation email first, then a second email automatically sent with resources and video link (check your spam!).

3. You’ll have access to this material forever (or really, as long as Cervical Wellness exists in this way)

Hey friend,

I created Cervix Healing 101 because I knew it’s HIGH TIME for more women to get the information and support they need to feel confident in saying YES to healing their cervix themselves.

I’ve received hundreds of emails and DM’s asking me for advice on the topic of ‘Where do I begin’ and ‘What are my best first steps’ and this workshop is the answer!

I made this for all women, to help guide them on their paths, to provide support and tips to assist them with their fears and hesitations around saying YES to their cervical healing journey.

We have all the power within us to heal our cervix ourselves!

And I know Cervix Healing 101 will help ground and shift your comfortability around taking those action steps, having those difficult conversations, and saying YES on behalf of your body and pelvic well-being

Get ready…

xox Denell