Happy New Year friends!!

After years in the contemplation and envisioning, I’m so ready to announce to you that Cervical Wellness now has a podcast!

It’s called The Cervical Wellness Podcast (lol…original, right?).

This has been in the works for many many moons, and 2023 is the year it happened!

There are three episodes up already for your listening pleasure:

Episode 1: An introduction to my approach to cervical healing and my view on what I call the Cervical Healing Journey. If you’ve wanted to have a consultation with me to learn more about my work and what I do, this episode is for you!

Episodes 2 & 3 are repeat content pieces, but that’s because I find them that important.

Episode 2 is the audio from my conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Goldspink of Papillex.

Episode 3 is the audio from “A Little Bit of History of Modern Gynecology Webinar”, because by golly I want this information to be known!!

Find the podcast on Spotify and Amazon right now (it’s still pending approval on Apple and Google Podcasts).

Or check out the RSS Feed here.

Don’t forget to subscribe and follow, because I have some INCREDIBLE conversations coming your way that will undoubtedly support you on your cervical healing journey.

Remember friends, we’ve got this!!