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Cervcal Wellness Online LIVE Enrollment

IG Live Replays

In honor of the enrollment period of the first enrollment period of Cervical Wellness Online LIVE in over a year, I’m going LIVE on Instagram with various teachings, trainings, and experiences. Watch the replays here until Tuesday Oct 4, 2022.

Teaching: Loneliness on the Cervical Healing Journey

Originally aired Sept 21, 2022

Class: Cervical Wellness’ Self-Assessment Wellness Wheel

Originally aired Sept 23, 2022

Guided Experience: Connect to Cervix

Originally aired Sept 26, 2022

Teaching: Reclaiming What’s Ours

Coming Sept 29, 2022

Q & A, Live Lazer Coaching

Coming Oct 3, 2022

Now Enrolling!

Holistically Heal Abnormal Paps & Cultivate Pelvic Well-being

Cervical Wellness Online is my signature program to guide women to heal abnormal paps, reconnect to their deep pelvis, and to fall madly in love with their beautiful female body once more. 

This program consists of 9 weeks of live teachings and guest teachers, weekly office hours, 24 hours of prerecorded content, and a group forum to stay connected throughout the duration.

This program is designed as an INTENSIVE, and is for the women who are truly ready to take back control of their cervical health and pelvic well-being.

Cervical Wellness
Private Content Library

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The private content library is a database of all past free content shared under the Cervical Wellness brand umbrella. Past IG Lives, YouTube videos, Our Web of Healing Interview series with other women’s wellness practitioners, public meditations and more are found here (this content has been removed from these public and social media platforms).

There are two video series also found within this library that I’m so excited for you to watch:

InterConnection Series on the vagus nerve and the interconnect of the throat, heart & cervix

Speaking the Hard Stuff on conversations around HPV with your current/future sexual parters, your doctors and yourself.


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There are many more different videos and audios found within this library.

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There are three libraries:

Free Public Library

This library is a loving introduction and welcome to the Cervical Wellness method of deep pelvic embodiment and healing.

This is a free offering, with only your email address and willingness to receive promotional & marketing content from Cervical Wellness required to join.

Private Library

Videos and Audios once found on YouTube, IGTV, Soundcloud and past free webinars shared widely with my community. I’ve removed these content pieces from these public platforms to create this library.

This is a paid offering, but set at a price that makes it accessible and available to all.

Golden Cervix Archive

A collection of the best of the best of Cervical Wellness. Past workshops & courses that are no longer offered anywhere else, exclusive interviews, meditations, trainings, webinars, and content only shared once before.

This is a paid offering and exclusive membership. All future private and paid offerings will also be housed here. Once you’re in, you’re IN, and will have access to most future Cervical Wellness Online content.

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