Join me for an amazing conversation all about fertility awareness and the cervix (different than what I normally share!) with Chloe Skerlak.

Chloe Skerlak is a Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and Certified Full Spectrum Fertility Awareness Educator aka she’s willdy passionate about the menstrual cycle!

She’s charted her own cycle for 12 years and has 6 years of experience teaching fertility awareness education to people who want to achieve or avoid pregnancy without medical intervention, understand themselves and their health better, and live life more cyclically.

Infused with joy, laughter, and play, Chloe’s classes help people regain their sexual and reproductive sovereignty, become advocates for their own health, and live vibrant, healthy lives.

She also loves full moon bathing, any kind of partner dancing, and taking photos of cervixes!

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