About Cervical Wellness

A revolutionary approach to   cervical health and pelvic wellbeing

Cervical Wellness™ health-education and coaching shows women the way to fall deeply in love with their cervix and female body, in order to naturally heal HPV, cervical dysplasia, and other cervical diagnoses coming from the pap-smear experience, without biochemical or surgical intervention. Through online courses, workshops, a book, and personalized 1:1 coaching with our founder, Denell Randall, Cervical Wellness provides a template and blueprint for all women to follow to be in the driver’s seat of their cervical healing journey.


To make wisdom and knowledge regarding the cervix and pelvic well-being accessible to all women through online content and courses, literary publications, and practitioner training programs.


All women know how to take care of (and fall in love with) their cervix and beautiful female body.

Our Story

Cervical Wellness was born out of the recognition of a vast gap in available information and education for women seeking knowledge about their cervix. One quick search online or at the library regarding women’s health, and one can find plenty of literature and about menstruation, hormonal health, vaginal and pelvic floor dysfunction, fertility, pregnancy, birth, and menopause, but almost nothing about the cervix. 

Anytime the cervix is mentioned in most ‘helpful’ information it is usually regarding incontinence during pregnancy, dilation during birth, or referencing cervical cancer and the treatments that go along with that diagnosis. Nowhere can any helpful, inspiring, or just plain educational information be found about a place in the body that women are told need to be routinely checked.

Our founder Denell found this gap in available information to be particularly infuriating when she faced years of ongoing abnormal pap smear results, and had a desperate desire to know what was happening in her body and what she could do about it. No matter how often Denell asked her medical practitioners for advice on what she could be doing on her own, at home, to help her body heal from HPV 16 and CIN 2/3 cervical dysplasia, she was always given the same answer- that being ‘There’s nothing you can do about it. You just need to have the LEEP’.

Unwilling to submit to a procedure that scared the bejeezus out of her (she Googled LEEP and read horror stories/saw horror images that effectively made her more terrified of the procedure that was to be done without anesthesia than of cervical dysplasia itself), Denell took it upon herself to compile all information she possibly could about how to heal the cervix, and dedicated 3 years to actively researching and practicing all that she discovered.

In February of 2015, Denell received the news she’d been dreaming of for 7 years- that her cervix had completely healed the cervical dysplasia and that HPV was no longer showing up in her body. In short, going against everything her practitioners had told her over the course of those seven years, Denell had done it- she healed her cervix herself. While she celebrated her success after that life-changing news, her jubilation quickly turned into righteous anger as she realized that there must be other women like her, who receive abnormal pap-smear results and want to know how they can help themselves, only to find the information-ecology completely devoid of any helpful knowledge that they could utilize in their everyday lives, and have to contend with pushy practitioners who just seem to want to funnel them into a treatment protocol.

That spring, while in her final semester of graduate school and taking a course on Health Education, Denell strategically gathered all that she learned and utilized over those three years, and designed a hypothetical program that would take women from not knowing anything about the cervix or how to personally address abnormal paps to a clear bill of health, and presented it to her classmates. The room, filled with all women, was left silent as Denell confidently explained the process she could take women through to take back control of their cervical health (inspired by her own journey). At the end of the presentation, four of her classmates approached her and reflected to her that she must share this information with more women because of how positively impacted they had been just from her 20-minute presentation. 

That summer she hosted her first Cervical Wellness workshop to a group of 8 local women, and the rest you can say is herstory.

Since then Denell has taught Cervical Wellness™ to thousands of women from around the world on University campuses, at music & art festivals, women’s gatherings, local workshops, private events, online courses and through her 1:1 work.

In January 2020, Informed, Aware, Empowered: A Self-Guided Journey to Clear Paps was published, making the work of Cervical Wellness™ even more accessible to women around the world. At the time of writing this, Informed, Aware, Empowered is in 30 different countries on 6 different continents. 

While the impact of Cervical Wellness has already exceeded expectations, we feel that our story is just beginning. It’s our hope that through partnerships, practitioner training, editing Informed, Aware, Empowered to contain even more helpful information, and expanding our capacity to share this information more widely, we can achieve our vision of all women confidently knowing how to take care of their cervix themselves.

If you would like to collaborate with Denell and help her achieve this vision, please head to our contact page and send us a message. 

Denell’s first presentation of Cervical Wellness on a university campus. At Sonoma State University in the Spring of 2018.

At the launch of Informed, Aware, Empowered: A Self-Guided Journey to Clear Paps on Jan 21, 2020.

Working hard behind the scenes in her home office. Spring 2020.

Our Results

The results don’t lie, as we’ve been blessed to learn that over 300 women have transformed their cervical diagnoses through Cervical Wellness content.

Through the book, our free video and content library, and Cervical Wellness Online, women have found freedom in their cervical healing journey.

What is a

Cervical Healing Journey?

Throughout our writings and content, we refer to the process that a woman undergoes when she chooses to heal her cervix herself as a cervical healing journey

In essence, a cervical healing journey is the inner transformation that naturally occurs when a woman makes the empowered decision to say YES to learning about & integrating Cervical Wellness™ teachings, practices, and lifestyle changes into her life. This inner-transformation undoubtedly begins to reflect in her everyday life, and can impact relationships, life-paths, and belief-systems in ways that benefit and support her relationship and experience with her cervix. 

There is an experience of ‘unfolding’ that occurs as we choose to actively bring our mind and awareness to a place in our body that we perhaps have never done so before. It’s like when something has been frozen in ice for years, and as the ice thaws, the true makeup and reality of that which was frozen is revealed. It’s through this revelation process that the journey ‘unfolds’ in a way that can never be predicted, yet always takes the woman to a place of deeper self-love, self-acceptance, and personal responsibility. 

Denell uses two metaphors to describe the cervical healing journey:

1. Our body is like a big ship going full speed ahead across the ocean. Our ship has been pointed in one direction and its coordinates take us to a destination that perhaps we don’t desire (like high grade cervical dysplasia to cervical cancer to hysterectomy). The actions of our cervical healing journey slow down our ship and have us steer the ship in a new direction, with coordinates taking us to a new destination (one of a healthy cervix and vital pelvis). It’s impossible to turn a big ship on a dime; you must slowly change course and reorient to the direction you desire. What comes up in our life as we turn our ship and consciously reorient our coordinates becomes the content of our cervical healing journey.

2.  When a woman says YES (a full-body YES, not just a mental “I think so and maybe I should, yes) to healing her cervix, a little flame is ignited in her body. This little flame must be tended to and fed. The actions we take and changes we make along the way are fuel to our fire. Too much fuel and the flame is likely to burn too hot, too quickly and burn out (too much too fast). Too little fuel by giving up or not dedicating enough time and energy to the journey, and the flame will go out. The tending to our YES flame in a sustainable and integrative way is the process of the cervical healing journey.

While there’s no way to foresee the exact nature of the content and process of a woman’s personal healing journey, the blueprint of Cervical Wellness™ provides a structural framework that you can follow and adhere to as shifts and changes are made within your life. 

Cervical Wellness™ is the map our ship can follow, and the woodshed that holds the fuel for our fire. It’s a guiding light as we enter into the unknown of our own unique cervical healing journey.