I have a short story I want to share with you that provides a PRIME example as to my why to returning to Devotional Cooking:

Last Sunday I was at a thrift store and I found a bunch of old canning jars for 25 cents a piece, which I was stoked about.

I brought them up to the counter and a woman who was volunteering who appeared to be in her mid 70s helped check me out.

She asked me about the jars and I told her that I do a lot of canning and food preservation, and that I’d be using these jars to can up some peach pie-filling I had just made.

What she responded with is what really stuck with me:

She said, “Oh wow, my Grandmother would always be in the kitchen making syrups and preserves, and my Mother too.

Every summer we spent together in the kitchen with jars such as these, making recipes and all sorts of goodies.

I didn’t continue the tradition. *Shrugs* I don’t really cook much.

And neither does my daughter.”

I told her that I picked up the tradition and am hoping to share with others too, that the hobby of Hearth-Tending is actually really important and valuable.

She replied, “Yes, I agree! I’m so happy young folks are doing this again.”

I found this interaction to be VERY revealing as to what happened to our food tradition in this country.

A whole generation of women rebelled against being in the kitchen (in the 1960s and 1970s via the women’s liberation movement) and in turn set the stage for a cascade event of ‘forgetting’ of traditional ways of hearth tending and memory-making with foods.

This story is a prime example of the importance of returning to Devotional Cooking – the restoration of generational creation over the fire, with foods we feel good about and sharing it with the company we love.

This is one of the threads of intention with Kitchen Hearth Heart Heal, to reignite our own fires in our hearts, wombs, and bellies to take our place of power, and bring life back to the heart of the house.

Enrollment for Kitchen Hearth Heart Heal closes this Friday, July 8th at 9pm PST.

Our first class is this Saturday, July 9th at 11am PST, with our first LIVE demo on Sunday July 19th at 11am PST.

All the details and payment plans can be found here:

I hope you’ll join me to reignite the collective remembering of the lineage of tending to the hearth.