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The kitchen is the heart of the home and the place where
the most action for your well-being can be taken.

The food we eat and the drinks we consume lay the foundation for the entirety of our body-experience. To be on a healing journey of any kind must include devotion to and within the kitchen. You cannot skip this truth if you want to experience full vitality and well-being within your beautiful body.  To practice devotion in the kitchen is to practice devotion to your body at the most foundational level.

Kitchen Hearth Heart Heal is a 5-Week introduction into
the ways of the hearth for modern women.

Reclaiming the kitchen is reclaiming our heritage as a human on this earth, and as women who tend to the hearth. It’s in our DNA. It’s what our body knows and craves.

Returning to the kitchen and hearth is where I found a true sense of empowerment. I’m in complete control of the foods that feed me and my family- the building blocks of our bodies and the central point of our well-being.

What greater sense of empowerment is there? To dictate the trajectory of the foods of our lives which make up our body?

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The land of healing lies within, radiant with the happiness
that is blindly sought in a thousand outer directions.
-Paramahansa Yogananda 

About Cervical Wellness

Cervical Wellness™ is a cutting edge approach to addressing the underlying causes of abnormal pap smears and general pelvic unwellness in women. Combining the fields of integrative health, mind-body medicine, psychoneuroimmunology, and epigenetics, Cervical Wellness™ offers women all over the world the opportunity to pick up the reins and take back control of their cervical health and pelvic well-being. With over 300 confirmed diagnosis transformations over the last 5 years, CW is on the leading edge in the revolution we’re seeing within the women’s wellness industry.

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The Book

Informed, Aware, Empowered:
A Self-Guided Journey to Clear Paps

This is your beginner’s guide-book to walk you through the process of remembering, reconnecting to, and reversing HPV & cervical dysplasia all on your own, without surgical intervention.

The Course

Cervical Wellness Online: A Holistic & Integrative Blueprint to Healing Your Cervix Yourself

 This 7-Module course takes you step by step through what is most important to consider, work on, incorporate, and change within your life in order to support your body to naturally heal HPV, cervical dysplasia, and many other cervical experiences.

No diagnosis is needed to take this course.

Desire a tailored approach & personal support?

Hi friends, I’m Denell

I love working with women, just like you, to feel more empowered and in control of their cervical health.

Modern gynecology has taught us to fear our pelvis and to divert authority over what happens with our pelvic bowl to people in white-coats. This has led to thousands of women saying yes to treatments they don’t understand or need, and remaining uninformed about what’s actually happening in their bodies.

I’m passionate about providing insightful education on lifestyle-medicine for the cervix, powerful tools to connect to and heal our bodies naturally, and restoring our intuitive-knowing about what our bodies really need to transform our cervical health.

I believe in our body’s ability to heal and regenerate without invasive procedures and treatments, and I want to help you remember this inherent capability!

Content Library

We have over 5 years of video, audio and written content to share with you all on the cervix, cervical healing, pelvic well-being, lifestyle medicine, sexual literacy and more.

Here are some of our favorites to begin with:

From the Interconnection video series circa 2018

InterConnection the Video Series: The Relationship of the Vagus Nerve and Cervical Health How one nerve in our body can be the key to unlocking pleasure, love, strong boundaries, self-advocacy, truth and authenticity in your life.

In this video I go over the vagal nerve connection between the Cervix and the Throat.

Cervical Self-Exam with O’Nell Starkey of the Beautiful Cervix Project From the Our Web of Healing interview series.

This interview was originally done for my online course, Cervical Wellness Online. However, I love the idea (and the practice) of cervical self-exam so much, that I wanted to share it with everyone! Check out O’Nell and get your own self-exam kit at www.beautifulcervix.com

No Need To Fear Your Pap: This is What I Do

This clip is from a LIVE session of Cervical Wellness Online (Spring 2020). A participant asked, “If I already reversed abnormal paps, how can I not be afraid of going in and getting checked again?” These suggestions are what I do when I go in for a pap smear to keep the fear at bay after having had abnormal ones for 7 years. I’ve been clear for 5 years, and this mindset is what helps me EVERY time.

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Cervix Healing 101

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Empowered Pap

New On the Blog…

We want to take a moment to highlight an amazing organization we’ve partnered with:

proffer aid international

Proffer Aid International is an NGO located in Accra, Ghana.

This organization brings healthcare to the people living in rural Ghana, and are focusing a lot of their efforts in helping the women and children of their communities.

In 2019, organizers of Proffer Aid International reached out regarding their efforts to share preventative health-care information regarding cervical cancer, pap smears, and the cervix. Cervical cancer diagnoses are rampant in Ghana, and this organization is doing what it can to educate and support the women and young girls. As of 2021, 30% of women in Ghana have a cervical cancer diagnosis, affecting over 8.5 million women. It’s the leading cause of death for women in this country.

Cervical Wellness has been partnered with them since, and we’re honored to be able to support the women of Ghana from afar. We’ve sent books, donated money, and have done Instagram Lives to help them with their cause.

They’re currently fundraising to build a health center for women and children, and any amount helps them reach their goal.

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